Youth Canvassing Program

As part of an ongoing effort to protect the city and community against the negative impacts of climate change, Decatur is creating a Clean Energy Plan to help the City move away from its reliance on fossil fuels and towards a clean energy future.

As part of this project, the City of Decatur would like to employ students from Decatur High School to canvass and keep their community informed on this effort.

Canvasser responsibilities:

  • Inform Decatur residents about Decatur’s Clean Energy Plan
  • Encourage Decatur residents to take the Decatur Clean Energy survey
  • Distribute informational flyers
  • Canvassers must be Decatur residents and currently enrolled in a City of Decatur high school
  • All canvassers are required to attend a 30 minute training session before canvassing.

Canvassers will receive $15/hour payment in the form of a Visa Gift Card.

Event Safety Plan

Read here for the full schedule of the event and safety precautions.