Greenlink Equity Map

Check out this instructional video to help you better use the Greenlink Equity Map!

City of Decatur residents have free access to GEM! GEM is an online map designed to help cities visualize equity-related issues and how burdens are spread across neighborhoods. As cities work to incorporate social equity into climate policy and programs, many of them have found that accessing equity data has been a major challenge. The GEM platform provides 30 equity indicators to choose from at a neighborhood/census tract level to assist cities in understanding the current situation of their communities, providing critical data resources to build strong city-community partnerships, and building more equitable climate solutions. 

Sign up for GEM using your city of Decatur zip code! Check out our GEM website for information on the platform, equity indicators, Process Guide for City-Community Partnerships, and more! If you have any questions, you can use the site to book office hours with someone from our team.