Decatur Clean Energy Plan

The Clean Energy Plan will set goals and outline steps to efficiently and equitably transition Decatur away from fossil fuels. Decaturites have identified climate change as a top priority and this plan will guide the City’s response to this pressing concern. Explore the website below to learn more and get involved.

News & Updates

Decatur Clean Energy Roundtable 3: The Built Environment

On Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022, the City of Decatur, Southface, and Greenlink staff lead the last session of the clean energy roundtables. See the full powerpoint presentation here. How to use Miro Boards | Miro Board Example

What is the Integrated Planning Forum?

Forums are planning sessions where residents, planners, and others collaborate on a community vision. They are organized to encourage the participation and ideas of all involved and offer the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to…


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